Enclosure Cards for Wedding Invitations

Today, besides wedding response cards with envelopes, couples often include other smaller-sized cards, called enclosure cards. Adding a special enclosure card calls attention to certain information and lessens the chance important details will be overlooked if only available on your wedding website.

Here’s a look at specific wedding enclosures and the reasons for them:


Traditional wedding invitations have generally consisted of three pieces: (1) the wedding invitation card, (2) its envelope, and (3) an outer envelope to protect it. Adding a wedding response card and pre-addressed envelope has not always been mainstream; guests simply used their own social stationery and hand-wrote replies! (By the way, Emily Post says this is “always correct”… for those of us who tend to misplace things!)

In addition to the most common types of enclosure cards, here are some other more specialized cards to consider…

  • Rain card (for weather-prone places)
    Provide details for a back-up venue(s) in case of bad weather!
    What’s on it: Location with address of alternate venue(s).
  • Pew cards (for family & friends or important guests)
    Help special guests find reserved seating.
    What’s on it: Pew numbers.
  • Within the Ribbon cards
    Similar to pew cards above, but used by ushers to escort special guests to seats marked off by ribbon.
  • Admission cards (less common)
    Used at popular or public venues (such as large cathedrals) or at high profile weddings involving notable public figures or celebrities.
    What’s on it: “Please present this card” with the venue and date.

Knowing about the different types of enclosures can help you decide what details your guests need. Whether you choose to print enclosures or communicate the information in a different way is entirely up to you!

A Few More Tips on Enclosures in Wedding Invitations

There are no firm rules about the right way to do enclosures, but working with an invitation specialist at one our Kleinfeld Paper retail locations can help you figure out what works best for you and your wedding plans.

  • Organization – Kleinfeld Paper retailers carry additional options for organizing multiple enclosure cards, including pocket enclosures and bellybands which work beautifully to hold loose cards.
  • Sizing – Enclosure card sizes are determined by the amount of information you want printed, but generally smaller sized cards are more common.
  • Assembly – Whether you choose double envelopes or a single envelope, assemble any enclosure cards face-up in size order, largest on bottom, on top of the invitation.



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