Foil Stamping in Wedding Stationery & Holiday Cards

UPDATED DEC 2016—If ever there’s a time in life to shine, weddings and holidays top the list. How better to catch the eye of family and friends than with the shimmer of foil-stamped holiday cards and wedding stationery? Here we offer up all the charms of this special printing process by taking you behind-the-scenes at Kleinfeld Paper.


What is Foil Stamping?

Foil stamping, also sometimes referred to as foil pressed, is one of the most elegant fine printing processes. The technique uses heated, etched copper dies to apply pressure that transfers a thin layer of foil onto stationery paper. The heat bonds the foil to the surface of the paper. The pressure applied creates a tactile and visible impression into the paper which varies depending on the thickness and finish of the paper as well as the foil that is used.



Choosing Paper

Foil is one of the most versatile printing processes and can be applied to almost any type of paper, including very thick papers and colored papers. The look may vary slightly depending on paper texture, color and thickness. Foil stamping on thick, plush cotton papers tends to show an impression, while firmer papers like pearlescent or bamboo foil stamp with sharp precision. The look may also vary depending on the type of foil used.

Choosing Foil Color

Foil can be opaque or translucent and comes in different colors.  The shine of foil stamped design elements varies depending on the foil color selected. Bright foils are the shiniest and reflect the most light. Matte foils shimmer, and pearl foil creates a subtle tone-on-tone effect through the variation in the sheen of the foil against matte paper.


Matte Gold Foil (upper roll) and Rose Gold (lower roll)

Foil color options at Kleinfeld Paper include:

  • Bright Gold – A shiny, reflective opaque metallic in gold.
  • Matte Gold – A brushed, shimmering opaque metallic in gold.
  • Bright Silver – A shiny, reflective opaque metallic in silver.
  • Matte Silver – A brushed, shimmering opaque metallic in silver.
  • Rose Gold – A shimmering opaque metallic in gold tinged with a pink hue.
  • Pearl – A translucent, tissue-thin paper.
  • Color – Our color foils are opaque metallic in a choice of Black, Red, and Blue.


Foil Options for Wedding Stationery & Holiday Cards

Foil stamping is part of our extensive lineup of printing options and is available online and in-store. You’ll find a gorgeous selection of foil designs in holiday cardswedding save-the-date cards, wedding invitations, and much more. Plus, foil can be added to almost any design or stationery component.

We offer this printing option in various formats to meet the needs of different budgets. Foil as embellishment is used in conjunction with other printing processes, and personalized foil can also be combined with other printing processes or stand alone. There is a cost and time difference, explained here:


  • Foil as Embellishment – Graphic or typography elements that are are a part of the design. The cost and turn-around time for this type of foil are both less than for personalized foil (below).


  • Personalized Foil – Foil that is used for variable design elements and text, such as names, dates, locations, or monograms. Expect some additional cost and time for the luxury of this option!

Shop Kleinfeld Paper … In Person

Tailor the perfect holiday card or wedding stationery for you.

Discover many possibilities for the right printing process for your budget and personal style when you shop Kleinfeld Paper in person. Both our holiday and wedding collections offer amazing flexibility with fine printing options like foil stamping, as well as additional customization options not available online. We partner with trusted stationery retailers who are savvy in fine stationery and passionate about their customers. Find one near you here.








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