Make Your Choice in Wedding Invitation Papers Count

Choosing paper for your wedding invitations is like choosing fabric for your wedding gown – it’s mostly personal preference and style, with a few practical considerations. How your design will ultimately look … and feel … depends heavily on paper type. Today we’ll highlight why our distinctive wedding invitation papers work so well with different printing processes to help you make an informed choice that’s right for the look you want on your big day. There’s no wrong choice at Kleinfeld Paper – just lots of options!

Options in Wedding Invitation Papers

Paper color, texture and thickness are the 3 main factors that affect how a design looks when printed on the paper type you choose.  Our papers come in variations of whites and also in solid colors. They have distinctive textures and finishes, and vary in thickness. You can find detailed descriptions of our array of paper options in a previous blog post here.


Printing process is another major consideration when choosing paper type. Even with our wide selection of premium papers, it helps to know how paper options look with certain printing processes. We’ve got some examples for you right here!

Smooth Matte in Bright White

wedding-invitation-papersThe smooth surface of our matte paper works well for raised text printing processes like Thermography and Raised Digital.

Smooth Matte in Ecru

wedding-invitation-papersThis lovely light ecru color in our smooth matte is perfect for a sophisticated, classic look. Shown here engraved in black and copper, smooth matte is a versatile choice.

Classic Felt

wedding-invitation-paperThis paper choice is notable for a visible grain that adds a canvas-like texture that you can feel.


wedding-invitation-papersLuxurious-looking and eco-friendly, this paper’s got it all! As a blend of bamboo and cotton, it’s completely biodegradable, and comes in a soft-white color.


wedding-invitation-papersThe shimmering finish of our pearlescent paper gets an extra dose of glamour here with rose gold foil stamping.

Cotton in Fluorescent White

wedding-invitation-papersThis pillowy-soft paper is the ultimate in luxury with a surface texture ideal for showcasing the impressions of letterpress printing. Fluorescent white shown here is a bright white perfect for a modern style look.

Cotton in Pearl

wedding-invitation-papersThis pillowy-soft paper is the ultimate in luxury that also is a gorgeous backdrop for engraving. The pearl color shown here is not quite as bright as the fluorescent white.

Cotton in Ecru

wedding-invitation-papersOur double-ply version of cotton showcases even deeper impressions of letterpress printing.  The ecru color shown here has a stronger yellow tint than our smooth matte ecru.

Shop Wedding Invitation Papers in Person

Discover how luxury papers and fine printing work hand-in-hand by seeing and touching real sample designs on real paper in person. You’ll be amazed at how much a paper texture and specialty printing process can heighten the ‘wow’ factor of a design. Take advantage of the guidance of an experienced stationer at one of our retail partner stores, where you’ll get a better understanding of possibilities in paper, printing and customization that gives you a uniquely beautiful look for your special day.

Find one of our retail partners near you on the retailer locator at the top of our website. Or, if you’re planning a trip to Kleinfeld’s in Manhattan for your wedding dress, make an appointment with a Kleinfeld Paper Boutique Invitation Specialist.



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