Paper Makes Perfect: Options for Printing Wedding Invitations

What does ivory satin have in common with a smooth ecru matte? What does shantung silk share with double-ply cotton? Just as fabric matters (in a big way!) for the style and cut of a wedding gown, paper impacts the look (and feel!) for printing wedding invitations. Color, texture and weight are all facets of what makes paper beautiful in the eyes of the beholder.


A Range of Luxury Paper Choices

At Kleinfeld Paper, choose from a range of luxury paper options for printing wedding invitations for your wedding day. The right color, texture and weight for your wedding invitations really comes down to a matter of individual taste and style. Like luxury wedding gown fabrics, our papers come in multiple hues of white, as well as different textures and weights, and perform differently depending on the type of printing process used. Here’s a look at the basic options available to you:

Smooth Matte

This is a silky smooth paper offered in two premium cardstock weights and 2 shades of white–bright white and ecru. This paper is ideal for giving any design a high-end look in either of the weight options.


Our most visibly textured paper is available in a singe shade of white with a surface character reminiscent of watercolor paper, making it an especially gorgeous choice for printing artistic style designs.


‘One Sweet Love’ by Lauren DiColli Hooke is shown here printed on felt paper using Contemporary Letterpress.

100% Cotton

Our plush cotton Lettra ® papers come in 3 color and weight options:

  • Fluorescent white
  • Pearl white
  • Ecru

Weight options are visible by thickness and to the touch and are entirely a matter of personal preference:

All our cotton papers, regardless of color or weight, are beautiful for many printing techniques, but are an optimal choice for showcasing letterpress printing wedding invitations because of the unique, pillow-soft texture that leaves a distinct impression into the paper’s surface.


This versatile, eco-friendly paper is 100% biodegradable and features a slightly visible texture on the surface. It is available in a single shade of white and can also be used for printing wedding invitations across all available techniques.


The shimmering surface quality of this paper lends some glamour to any design and also works with printing personalized photos.


‘Lacy Bouquets’ by Suling Wang is shown here digitally printed on Pearlescent Paper.

Printing Process Matters

It’s entirely possible to fall in love with the printing technique used for a specific wedding invitation design. But it’s also true that the type of paper is what makes that printing process work so beautifully with a design. The printing process should always be a consideration when choosing a paper type. Even with our wide selection of distinctive, luxury papers, it helps to know that the paper options available to you are optimal for the processes we offer for printing wedding invitations.

Get Up Close and Personal with Sample Wedding Invitations

Determining what type of paper to print your wedding invitations is best experienced in person however possible. Decide on your personal taste and preference through a close-up look at the different wedding invitation papers just as you would touch and feel the fabrics of wedding gowns! The best way familiarize yourself with varying color hues, weights, and textures is to order a free sample toolkit, visit Kleinfeld Paper in Manhattan, or find a local Kleinfeld Paper retail partner near you.

Choosing the Right Paper for You

While there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong,’ Kleinfeld Paper’s professional print team knows how every paper performs for each printing technique available. Our online designs automatically show exactly which printing processes are available in a drop-down box next to each individual design, along with paper options available for that process. The design collections carried by retailers and in our Manhattan-based boutique offer additional fine printing techniques, and are supported by Customer Service and the Kleinfeld Paper print team who know the best paper options for printing wedding invitations. Our retail partners are experts in paper and can guide you with your chosen design, printing process, and, most importantly, your personal and wedding day style.




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